Perception-Guided Brain Network Visual Comparison





Teaser Image: Visual comparison of brain networks of two Composite Creativity Index (CCI) groups under different feature selection models.




1. Explore new paradigm to visually analyze human brain networks

2. Design and implement new algorithms to model/compare/display human brain networks

3. Prototype and evaluate the above techniques



·        Lei Shi, Hanghang Tong and Xinzhu Mu,BrainQuest: Perception-Guided Brain Network Comparison, IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM), Atlantic City, USA, November 2015. (REGULAR paper, acceptance rate 8.4%). [paper][extended report][code]





Leader: Lei Shi (ISCAS)

Collaborator: Hanghang Tong (ASU), Madelaine Daianu (USC), Paul M. Thompson (USC)

Student: Xinzhu Mu (Tsinghua), Qingsong Liu (ISCAS), Xinsong Yang (BUPT)