1.5D Egocentric Dynamic Network Visualization





Image: The dynamic short-message communication network central to a mobile phone spammer. The spammer broadcasts messages in a continuous and constant rate, highly suspected of being the advertising behavior. Each non-focus user receives only one message from the spammer during the process, without any message sending to the spammer or among the non-focus users.




1. Introduce a new approach which considers only the dynamic network central to a focus node, also known as the egocentric dynamic network

2. Design a novel 1.5D visualization to reduce the visual complexity of the dynamic network without sacrificing the topological and temporal context central to the focus node

3. Prototype and evaluate the above techniques



·        Lei Shi, Chen Wang and Zhen Wen,1.5D Egocentric Dynamic Network Visualization, IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2015. [paper] [code]