·        HiMap: Adaptive Visualization of Large-Scale Online Social Networks [Detail]

·        TIARA: VisWorks Text and Network Visual Analytics [Detail]

·        SpamWatcher: 1.5D Egocentric Dynamic Network Visualization [Detail]

·        SAVE: Sensor Anomaly Visualization Engine [Detail]

·        BrainQuest: Perception-Guided Brain Network Comparison [Detail]

·        VEGAS: Visual influEnce GrAph Summarization on Citation Networks [Detail]

·        Eiffel: Evolutionary Flow Map for Influence Graph Visualization [Detail]

·        HOCG:Visual Analysis of Collective Anomalies Through High-Order Correlation Graph [Detail]

·        DeepClue: Visual Interpretation of Text-based Deep Stock Prediction [Detail]

·        PeerLens:Peer-inspired Interactive Learning Path Planning in Online Qestion Pool [Detail]

·        CollisionDistance: Assist Unsupervised Fraud Detection Experts with Interactive Feature Selection and Evaluation(FDHelper) [Detail]

·        BrainNodeTrix: Blockwise Human Brain Network Visual Comparison Using NodeTrix Representation [Detail]

·        UrbanMotion: Visual Analysis of Metropolitan-Scale Sparse Trajectories [Detail]